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One month trial membership
just $30!
Or $50 for couples

Call 573-888-4431 today or drop in for details.

Intro: Body Mechanics

Body Mechanics opened its doors on January 1, 2003. Our goal back then was simple, to provide professional one on one coaching to those who were serious about their fitness. We wanted everyone who worked out at the Club to have the proper guidance needed to achieve the goals they had set for themselves in a private training studio . This allowed for an environment of superior customer service and support for our members. Today, even though we�ve grown, those values and goals are still the same. Whether you work with a certified Trainer or on your own, You are never alone.

Memberships Paid in Full                              Memberships paid by cash/check                  Memberships by Auto Draft           

3 month      $156                                                    6 month     $55/month                                   6 month     $52/month

6 month      $276                                                   12 month    $49/month                                 12 month      $46/month

12 month    $516 _______________________________________________________________________________

**Add $26/month  for each additional family member

**Must be 18 years of age


Open 24 hours
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